Custom Cabs Inc. was established in 1998 and since then we strive everyday to provide complete solutions for residential and commercial elevator needs providing the highest standards in Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Service and Installation.

About Us

We are the premier elevator designer, manufacturer, and installer of high end custom elevators. 360 degree round Glass elevators, curved glass entrances, or any other shape. We fabricate elevators with any exotic materials, for interior and exterior along with wrought iron elevators.

Quality Overall

Exceeding customer expectation in all that we provide is our definition of quality.

Quality in Precision

Each part is manufactured with extreme precision as we just do not build elevators, but turn "Dreams into Reality".

Quality in Design

This means no detail is overlooked, not even the smallest in the design and in the fabrication process.

Quality in Manufacturing

Our 3D modeling software lets the customer virtually experience the elevator as it will look and feel in the real world. Our designers are highly experienced craftsmen who design the entire elevator keeping in mind the area where it is to be installed.

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Hours Of Service

Hard Workers


Our keen sense of aesthetics, functionality and ease of installation by our team of trained field crew has set us apart.


We use the state of the art 3-D modeling software to show how the elevator will exactly look before we cut a piece of metal or form a part.


With their in depth knowledge and state of the art equipment, our design engineers are called craftsmen as they are the creative minds in the field.


Each part is manufactured as per the highest standards and effectively controlled by our efficient and highly trained staff that is at the shop-floor level.


All the components of the cab are crated in sturdy boxes and packaged to ensure there is no damage.


With each and every part being manufactured to precision, it is easy to assemble and fabricate the same on the site.


Our highly experienced personnel and engineers convert your ‘dream into reality’ almost instantly.

Why Us

We always demand for the highest quality on all our projects striving to exceed our customer's expectations.


Quality Design

Everything starts with the proper design and we always deliver the highest quality.


Precision Manufacturing

Each custom elevator part is manufactured with extreme precision.


Installation Ease

All the elevators we design are manufactured with this in mind.


We pride ourselves with every award we have received as we strive to improve on every project we tackle each day.


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We can tackle all your elevator needs. Get in touch with us and let us help you!


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